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New York Times

Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate
New York Times
Hillary Clinton's advisers are talking to Donald J. Trump's ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal,” seeking insights about Mr. Trump's deepest insecurities as they devise strategies to needle and undermine him in four weeks at the first presidential ...
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Less Forthcoming Than Past CandidatesTIME
Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump nationally by 7 pointsCBS News
Donald Trump challenges Clinton to release detailed medical recordsCNN
Washington Times -PoliticusUSA -Huffington Post
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Trump Surrogate Tweets Cartoon Of Hillary Clinton In Blackface
Pastor Mark Burns, an African-American supporter of Donald Trump who has been defending the candidate's recent outreach to minority voters in the media, tweeted a cartoon Monday of Hillary Clinton in blackface, mocking her outreach to black voters.
Donald Trump Surrogate Tweets Cartoon of Hillary Clinton in BlackfaceTIME
A top black Trump supporter just posted this insanely offensive Hillary Clinton cartoonFusion
Prominent Trump surrogate tweets blackface Hillary; suggests blacks illiterate & hate policeAMERICAblog (blog)
Charlotte Observer -Newsmax -Blasting News
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CBS News

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Prepping for Debates
If you only read one thing: Four weeks from tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in the first of three debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The first, at Hofstra University near your newsletter author's ...
Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton: Both of us should release detailed medical recordsCBS News
Donald Trump Finally Begins Major Spending On Television Ads Against Hillary ClintonHuffington Post
Chris Christie says Hillary Clinton 'started' this whole 'bigot' thing. Actually, Donald Trump did.Washington Post
New York Times -Washington Examiner (blog) -CNN -us elections - Associated Press
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Daily Beast

Donald Trump Blames Hillary Clinton for Anthony Weiners Sexts
Daily Beast
Donald Trump is blaming Hillary Clinton for the actions of her aide's husband, bringing into focus his fraught relationship with the female sex and his history of marital infidelity—not to mention his own adviser with a “perv” problem, to adopt the ...
Huma Abedin distractions hinder Hillary Clinton, provide opening for Donald TrumpWashington Times
Trump uses Huma Abedin's separation from Anthony Weiner to attack Hillary Clinton: Another example of bad judgmentSalon
Trump on Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner: 'Just Another Example of Hillary Clinton's Bad Judgment'Breitbart News
Chicago Sun-Times -Newsmax -New York Times -New York Post
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Breitbart News

Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton's 'Brainpower' for Failing to Pass DC Bar Exam
Breitbart News
Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter Monday for failing to pass the D.C. bar exam after graduating from Yale Law School. Does anyone know that Crooked Hillary, who tried so hard, was unable to pass the Bar Exams in Washington D.C. She was ...
Did Hillary Clinton Fail The Bar Exam? The Truth Behind Donald Trump's Latest Criticism Of DemocratInternational Business Times
Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton on Twitter over FAILED bar exam in WashingtonDaily Mail

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Breitbart News

Poll: Trump Leading Independents In Ohio, Ties Hillary Clinton
Breitbart News
The latest poll from Ohio shows that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied — with Trump leading big among independents. The poll, released by Emerson College, shows Clinton and Trump tied at forty-three percent in Ohio. Libertarian presidential ...
BIAS ALERT: CNN scrubs 'Crooked' from Trump tweetFox News
Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Health Records DuelHuffington Post
Trump spreads claim that Clinton's 'mentor' was 'KKK member'CNN
Hot Air -TPM
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Washington Post

These 2 polls on how Hispanics feel about Trump and Clinton may surprise you
Washington Post
A Gallup poll shows that Hillary Clinton maintains a very big advantage among Hispanic voters — just as you might expect. Democrats, after all, have won this group by increasing margins in presidential elections, and that's a major GOP sore spot ...

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New Trump TV ad on the "two Americas" hits Hillary on the economy ...
Hot Air
This is his second TV spot of the general election campaign but it's backed by bigger bucks than the first one, on immigration, was. That ad received an initial buy ...

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Breitbart News

Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton to Release Detailed Medical Records
Breitbart News
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to release detailed medical records, as he continues to raise questions about her ability physical ability to serve as president.
Ben Carson to Donald Trump: Stop Calling Hillary Clinton a BigotDaily Beast

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New York Post

Hillary's self-inflicted wound, Trump passes on ObamaCare, and other notable commentary
New York Post
Hillary Clinton's public reaction to her family-foundation scandal is “a self-inflicted wound” that “just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds,” writes Elise Jordan at Time. “When you are meeting with foreign one-percenters more often than Peace Prize winners ...

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